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How Much Do Website Maintenance Packages Cost?

Are you looking for packages for website maintenance? For website owners, BS Digital Works provides reasonably priced website AMC packages. Supporting and maintaining websites is a crucial task for internet companies.

The average cost of website maintenance services is ($270) per annum.

Packages For Website Maintenance Services To Keep Your Website Operating Perfectly

Nonetheless, there are a number of website maintenance agencies that can promptly address any issues with your website. However, BS Digital can be a reliable partner with a wealth of skills to solve your issues without breaking the bank. Our affordable, flexible website maintenance packages might be the ideal answer to the problems with your website.

Website Maintenance Packages


250 USD Per Year


350 USD Per Year


500 USD Per Year


700 USD Per Year

Why Is a Website Maintenance and Support Package Important for Your Company’s Website?

Your company website is attractive, well-optimized, and fully functional. You paid money to have a website built for your company. However, for some reason, you didn’t use the website maintenance and support services. You may have concluded that paying for website maintenance services is a waste of money, that it wasn’t worth it, or that there wouldn’t be any problems with your website in the future. You are incorrect. To keep your website operational whenever you want updates or run into problems, you should purchase website maintenance packages.

Regretfully, there have been some technical issues with your website since it went live, only a month ago. You now went to the website development company and offered them a contract for your website, but once more, you encountered a jerk there. The business rejected your request, claiming that the maintenance and support for their website had already expired the month before.

You are now powerless! You lack these abilities, and asking someone else to do so would compromise the privacy of your company. Because you are unable to assist your customers and lack support, you are in grave danger. A website maintenance company's role becomes relevant when there is nothing that can salvage your business ideas.

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Services For Maintaining Websites Offered By A Reputable Company

At BS Digital Works, we have a thorough understanding of the major and minor difficulties that people typically run into after launching a website for their business. We have created a personalized, comprehensive website maintenance plan that will enable website owners to address upkeep issues and provide a quick, secure, and comprehensive online experience.

Perks of Having Our Custom Website Maintenance Packages

Your website will not have any security issues.

Your website will always have updated content.

Your website will be free from all types of errors.

Your website will run seamlessly on web browsers.

Your website will look enticing and engaging

Website Maintenance Package That Covers Everything And Is Custom-Made

Regardless of the size of the issue, we have created a website maintenance package that addresses all of them. Additionally, our website maintenance packages include fixes for a wide range of issues related to database connectivity, web design, development, security, and other issues. See how our talented team of award-winning developers, designers, and digital marketers can maintain and enhance your website by looking through our web maintenance service plans and costs.

This allows us to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Included in our website upkeep package are the following:


Regular Updates

Technical Support

WordPress Maintenance

Services Updates

Our Website Maintenance Pricing Plan Includes Solutions For

Designing | Development | Database | Security | Performance | SEO

Your website is your digital storefront and maybe the first platform where users interact for the first time with your business. To impress your customers and inspire them to take the preferred action, you must ensure that your website qualifies in every aspect. While it can be tough for you to handle both the business and website’s needs single-handedly, you may choose to be assisted by BS Digital Works for website maintenance services. Our website maintenance package would certainly have solutions for all kinds of website issues.

Security Issues

  • Detecting Malicious Insiders
  • Checking The SSL Certificate
  • Running Outdated Software
  • Designing Issues

  • Updating current design or features on your website.
  • Adding new design or features on your website.
  • Updating & adding contents and images on your website.
  • Adding posts to your website blog.
  • SEO

  • Improve your site’s ranking on search engines.
  • Creating Backlinks
  • Image Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Development Issues

  • Code Optimization
  • Domain and Hosting Assistance
  • Fixing Functional Issues on your website.
  • Fixing payment gateway related bugs.
  • Managing products on your e-commerce website.
  • Fixing payment gateway related bugs.
  • Performance Issues

  • Removing the broken link and non-working pages from your website.
  • Regular backups of your website.
  • Fixing Functional Issues on your website.
  • Fixing & maintaining the loading speed of your website.
  • Website Health Check
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